One Piece Episode 937 Airing Date

One Piece Episode 937 Airing Date

After the successful release of one piece episode 936, everyone is eagerly waiting for season One Piece Episode 937 airing.

We all know that one piece is one of the most popular manga anime series among all anime lovers. we all have it is like fantasy and not miss any episode. so, we decided to contact the producers and creators of one piece manga and after a lot of connections and contacts, we finally get connected with the creators and got some inside information from them.

As we are waiting for their new episode creators are also speeding up their work to complete episode 937 editing work and storyline. They clearly said that their team is working 24/7 on this new episode 937.

As we have inside information from the creators of one piece. we can definitely say that it will release on August 16, 2020. So, just wait some more days more and keep calm the new storyline will be really amazing and entertain us more than we expect.

One more imporatant thing from people who are living in US. If you are waiting for english version then it will release after few hours of main launching of One Piece Episode 937.

The reason behind this excitement is the story of the previous episodes and I think it is incomplete and that why not only you but me and my whole team is very excited for One Piece Episode 937.

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